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Driving Directions

Like any major purchase, buying a piece of heavy lift equipment can sound like a daunting experience. So many questions – Will it do what I need it to? Can I afford it? What accessories do I need? Should I invest in repairs, or is it time for a trade in?

At ALT Sales Corp. our team will answer all of your questions before you even think to ask them. We love what we do and we’re here to make sure you have the right equipment so you can keep on doing what YOU love.


General Manager

Joshua Bacci, General Manager
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Joshua Bacci has been a valued member of the ALL Family team since high school. After working his way through several divisions of the company, he was promoted to GM of ALT in 2016. Josh’s tech-savvy was necessary to advance ALT in an increasingly technical industry, while his task management and problem-solving skills allow him to support the needs of his staff. He regularly works with manufacturers to fulfill customer requests and supports the ALL Family’s fleet of boom trucks. His favorite part of the job is being confronted with a challenge and using his resources to solve it. A NASCAR enthusiast, Josh spends his free time with his wife and two basset hounds.


Marty LaCava
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Marty LaCava has 35 years of experience in the equipment industry. He joined the ALL Family in 2006 as a sales representative. In 2015, Marty transitioned to an inbound sales and dispatcher role, where he helped manage the ALL Family’s fleet of equipment; one of the most diverse and competitive in the country. In 2016, he brought his extensive knowledge of crane layouts and lift planning, fleet experience, and truck applications to ALT Sales. Marty says that his favorite part of working at ALT Sales is being able to use his expertise to help customers find a Boom Truck that fits ALL of their needs. He is also an amateur chef.

Keith Cocita, Sales Representative
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Keith Cocita has been working for the ALL Family of Companies for 6 years. He started in the parts department as a crane escort and eventually moved into the yard where he learned to operate, erect, and load nearly every type and capacity of crane in ALL's fleet. Keith is grateful for the opportunities he's had at ALL, specifically working alongside the industries top talent. Keith uses his knowledge and experience daily to help his clients find the perfect crane for their application.   In his free time, Keith enjoys swimming and going on hikes with his black lab Rory.

Josh Doyle, Sales Specialist
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Josh Doyle joined the ALT sales team in 2019. Josh brings two years of sales experience and an impressive 12 years of experience in customer service related roles. With that stated, it's no surprise that Josh's greatest strength is his ability to understand each customer's needs; certainly complimentary to ALT's motto, "the best boom truck is the one built just for you." Since joining the team, Josh has successfully managed to leverage his customer-centric approach to build new and existing customer relationships. His favorite part about working for ALT is overcoming the unique challenges each day brings as he strives towards the ultimate goal of finding the perfect crane for each of his clients. Josh has been married for over 12 years and has two children, Addi (8) and Landon (7). In his free time, he enjoys cooking, camping, hiking, and reading.

Shane Tomlinson, Sales Specialist

Shane has been a valued member of the ALL Family of companies for three years and has more than ten years of experience in the heavy equipment industry.  A Cleveland native, Shane enjoys outdoor activities such as skiing, boating, fishing, and hunting.  Shane is excited to be part of the ALT Sales team and looks forward to using his experience to help clients find a boom truck that fits their needs. 

Office Manager

Mandy Minton, Office Manager
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Mandy (Fisher) Minton joined the ALL Family of Companies in 2007 and took on her role at ALT in 2015. Her position supports all other roles at ALT through process management, organization, and continuous improvement. She enjoys the variety she encounters day to day, the challenges, and learning new techniques that will benefit team efficiency. Her favorite type of boom truck is whichever was most recently sold, because that means a customer was matched with the right unit for their needs. In her spare time, she enjoys adventure -- she has conducted a train and jumped out of an airplane.


Matt Barry, Service Manager
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Matt Barry has 32 years industry experience and joined the ALL Family in 2001. He and his team regularly conduct 14-point inspections on customer boom trucks so they know what they need to do to keep their equipment running longer. Because he's no stranger to the question “How long will that take?”, he ensures that his team can diagnose and repair equipment as quickly as possible, keeping downtime to a minimum. Matt and his team work closely with parts and sales to build relationships with customers and give them the peace of mind that their equipment is in good hands.

Robert Neuhauser, Mechanic

Adam Bugaj, Service Tech

Jacob Bell, Service Tech

Kyle Hales, Service Tech


Nate Bricker

Nate Bricker is new to the parts department but is enthusiastically learning, helping his teammates and growing his skill set to learn how to best serve the ALT customer base. His outside interests include history and science.

Jordan Cole, Parts