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Build-A-Boom Truck

Steps for Building your Boom Truck

We want you to get the boom truck that best fits your needs and your budget. Here's how we ensure that you get the perfect boom for your buck — 1, 2, 3!

  1. We ask questions to help us understand your requirements perfectly.

    • What kind of business are you in? Constructions? Forestry? Power?
    • What type of work will the crane be doing?
    • When do you plan to purchase?
    • Do you need assistance with financing?
    • Do you want to rent-to-own?
  2. We determine the capacity and features of the crane you want to purchase. Give us your "needs list" and we can customize a crane that best fits the services you provide to your customers. Or you can choose from hundreds in our fleet.

    • What capacity do you need?
    • What boom length? Jib size?
    • Straight boom, knuckle boom, or articulating boom?
    • Do you have a specific load chart need?
    • What make of truck do you prefer?
    • Behind-the-cab mount or swing cab? Rear mount - knuckle boom?
    • Front bumper stabilizer? Other features?
  3. Talk to an ALT boom truck specialist. Contact us

    • We deliver throughout North America!

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